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We pollinate places.

Redhive is a real estate development company that takes the honeybee colony as our model and emblem, pollinating the places that enhance people’s lives, while making honey for our growth and perennial longevity.

You do the deal. We do the details.

Whether you are a real estate investor or developer, or a growing retailer or restauranteur, you create value by making real estate deals. The execution of your project over many months or years—managing the development process, leading the consultants, and overseeing construction—unlocks the value you create. Redhive provides the knowledge, leadership, and attention to detail that maximizes the value of each of your projects, while freeing up your internal resources to do more deals.

We pollinate places.

Redhive is focused on Place and diversified by real estate asset class. Our experience and inclination is the redevelopment of challenging infill sites in urban areas. Redhive excels at the management of Process and the leadership of People throughout all phases of development and construction. Profits are the honey that fuels our work, but we provide a vital service by pollinating the places that create vibrant, engaging, productive, and sustainable communities.

Serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Redhive is focused on serving our community, clients, and investors in the challenging urban markets of the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Like honeybees, we are most efficient when we work in a limited geographical area that we know really well.

Map of Los Angeles Focus Area
Bee in Barberry by Donnie Nunley
Bee in Barberry by Donnie Nunley

We pollinate places.™

Bees and flowering plants evolved to complement each other. Plants attract bees with bright flowers, and nourish them with their nectar and pollen. The fuzzy, pollen-dusted bees spread genetic diversity, which creates our vibrant and engaging world. Redhive believes real estate development companies should have a similar relationship with the community, making our urban landscape bloom and bear fruit, while gathering the energy that sustains us.

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Thriving through the cycles

The work of honeybees is highly efficient. They practice excellence in project management (foraging), and continuously seek new opportunities for growth (scouting). They serve their community (pollinate), expand their business (swarm), and store up capital (honey), so that the colony not only survives market downturns (winter), but emerges strong and ready to grow in the recovery phase (spring). Honeybee colonies, unlike most of biology and business, persist and expand through seasons and years, in a perennial existence that defies the natural cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death.